I offer bespoke personal training and parkour coaching services to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health - and all I need is some space to train you in.

I believe that the best way to be fit is to just get out and move through your environment - being able to move your own body through space in the way you want to is a great feeling, and a great way to develop all over body strength. I utilise parkour, climbing and bodyweight gymnastic techniques in my own training combined with basic strength weight training to be how I want to be. I also believe in the long term, and that you should always work to maintain your body as much as improve it to live a long and happy life.


I offer a free 30 minute video consultation, where we will discuss your goals, past experience, current fitness and health levels and how best to go forward in achieving what you want to achieve. Book any other training package with me following your video consultation, and get 10% off your first booking! Just contact me below to arrange your consultation, and start your fitness journey today!

What can I offer you?

  • Personal training in an environment to suit you - whether it be a local park or your own back garden, utilising local landmarks and obstacles along with my own equipment such as gymnastic rings, kettlebells or resistance bands to deliver the fitness goals you desire.
  • Skill development - using your training to improve not only your fitness, but also to learn new and exciting movements and skills, which will also improve your balance, co-ordination, proprioception and ability to look super rad at parties.
  • A training programme tailored to you - with a priority on making sure you are motivated and having fun throughout as well as achieving your goals.
  • Training sessions of any length and whenever you need them - whether that be a two hour beasting on a weekend or twenty minutes in your lunch break.
  • Goal tracking - your first conversation with me will be an in-depth discussion of your current health and fitness and your future aspirations, where we will set out exactly what we will achieve together and a timeline for doing so.
 Fun, motivational and effective training sessions.

Fun, motivational and effective training sessions.

 Training programmes and sessions tailored to you and your goals.

Training programmes and sessions tailored to you and your goals.

Who am I?


My name is James Adams and I am a Personal Trainer / Parkour Coach based in London. I started my life in fitness in my late teens, and with nothing but the mildest of occasional running experience in my past, decided to take up parkour (also known as freerunning).

Finding little to no ingrained natural talent for parkour in myself, I was nontheless amazed to discover that with hard work, dedication and discipline, I was able to achieve things that I would have never thought myself capable of. Alongside parkour, my interest in the wider field of strength, fitness and health also opened up. With a strong desire to better myself, my focus over the next few years slowly began to shift and change until I realised that parkour and fitness had become the driving force in my life.

Saving me from an existence of 9 to 5 mediocrity, my training instead instilled in me a new found confidence in myself and a love of teaching and encouraging others that I had not realised I possessed. Now working full time as a coach and personal trainer, I am dedicated to applying the skills, abilities and strength that my training has taught me to help others achieve their own goals.